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Do You Love What You Do....?

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

That title in itself sounds silly, but really it's easy to answer. Read it again and answer immediately without hesitation, you'll know the answer. If you cannot say "YES" right away, then the answer is "NO". If you're retired.....good for you!!!

First Things First....

I have two early teenage children, and early on one of my biggest fears was that they would not grow to become passionate about something......anything. Don't get me wrong, they're great kids, this fear was founded on nothing....just "a parent thing" I guess. And not just about a potential career, just anything that excites them, something that they really care about and want to be successful at. One is drawn (pun intended) to art....the other maybe to some type of technology believe it or we'll see. I'll be sure and Blog about it in 10 years.

What does this really mean...and what it doesn't...

I had THE BEST Algebra I and II teacher in high school. The passion he had for teaching that subject is something I will never forget. Turns out he's my insurance salesman now, so that worked out well for him!! But dag on(you're in the Not-So-Technical blog so I'm allowed to say dag on)...he cared about what he was teaching us.

Normally you can see someone's passion by watching their face. Most people will "light up" when they talk about something about which they are passionate. You can see it in their eyes even, surely you've seen that before. Well ask yourself what look do you have on your face when talking about your job. Are you smiling ear to ear and speaking with confidence or are you frowning and mumbling.

I have been extremely fortunate to work in this single field my entire career, 20+ years now. My Uncle used to build computers, back in the early and mid 90s and from that time on it has been a fascination for me. But only until the start of this business, about 5 years ago, did I fully realize my passion for the Information Technology field. There is NOTHING more exhilarating for me than to have the solutions and products to help solve real problems that so many businesses are facing. That is what B&H IT Services is all about. Helping make small to medium businesses more efficient and productive through technology. These are the businesses that simply cannot afford to staff a full IT department, some are lucky to just have a single "tech" employee. That is the value in working with a Managed Service Provider, bottom line. We're able to be the IT department when needed.

What actions can I take.....

Normally we struggle to see certain traits about ourselves. A lot of times it takes a friend, family member, or even co-worker to point out something we are good at or a great characteristic we have. It's all about perspective, we simply do not "see" what we do and how we act every day. You'd be shocked what you can find out in a small group setting if you simply sat down and when around the table telling each other what they're good at.....or even what you think each other's passions are.

It's a great team building exercise at work....and an INCREDIBLE tool to use at home, especially building up young children. One important truthful. Don't lead someone astray by telling them what you THINK they want to hear.

And like I said before, you'll know immediately when you hit on someone's passion, you'll see it in their face!


In the end....

I get it, not EVERYONE is fortunate enough to be in the exact field of work that makes their heart pump when they wake up in the morning. But understand, this isn't just about your can be passionate about anything. Without a doubt, finding that one thing that puts a smile on your face is priceless. Here's hoping you have already, or will soon, find that one thing about which you can be passionate!

Would love to hear down below what you are passionate about, how you came to realize it, and how it has made a difference in your job or your life.

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