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Managed Service Assessment

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Our FREE Managed Service Assessment consists of 4 main objectives

  1. Discuss current technology pain points​​

    • What are the major issues affecting daily operations​?

    • Are there regular processes impacted by failing or legacy technology?

    • Have there been recent technical disruptions to the business?

    • Is your team/staff able to perform efficiently and effectively ?

  2. Determine annual IT expenditures

    • Is there a set annual technology budget​?

    • Have there been any large, one time investments recently in technology?

    • What unexpected expenditures in technology have occurred recently?

  3. Build a general inventory of hardware and software solutions

    • Provide an overall asset inventory of current hardware and applications in use

    • Show aging equipment and legacy applications with expired/near expired warranty/support

  4. Provide managed service model for your business

    • Review an a la cart menu of managed services ​based on assessment

    • Provide a true monthly operating cost for technology and show cost savings

    • Demonstrate any specific managed service solutions and compare against current technology

    • Provide proof-of-concept (free trials), where applicable, to allow real-time, hands-on use for end users

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